Dealer Spotlight: Windworks of Philadelphia

Windworks Studio of Philadelphia was established in 1997 by Beverly Bizup Hawkins to provide professional instrument repair services in the Philadelphia area.  Over the last 14 years she and her partner have created an atmosphere of encouragement, life-long learning and enthusiasm for the arts in their community.  Both Bev and Linds have a deep passion for music and are strong advocates for all of the arts.

Most recently, they have been involved in an ongoing project, envisioned by Alfred and Ellie Hurd who have launched the first performing arts complex in the United States dedicated solely to community music groups (The Performing Arts Complex of Delaware County, Inc).  Their work on this project includes everything from machining a rare key for the theatre, to fundraising and refinishing the stage floor!  Currently, they are both in the process of getting a certificate in non-profit management as board members of the Suburban Community Music School, now relocated within the Community Arts Complex, in a building called “Stage One”.  They are also on the advisory board of the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia.

Their commitment to life-long learning extends to their repair shop.  Beyond their basic instrument repair training, they have taken courses in metallurgy, welding, metal sculpting, jewelry, casting and machine tool technology.  They have studied all over the world and have been mentored by the finest individual flute makers in Germany and the United States, as well as being Straubinger certified.  They are also members of NAPBIRT, the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians.

Linds and Bev are both Ivy League grads in the sciences and in the humanities.  They feel strongly that arts education, as well as music performance, are essential elements of a well-rounded student and fosters compassion for humanity.

Today Windworks Studio of Philadelphia occupies two locations and this article is really a tale of two workshops, one in Philadelphia and one outside the city.  Both locations service a variety of musicians including professionals, students and amateurs.

We asked Beverly Hawkins a few questions about her business…

Question: What is your business philosophy? 

“In our workshop, we have a team approach.  Everyone is important: teachers, pros, colleagues, instrument makers, composers, parents and most of all, kids.  We thrill in the excitement of a beginner, when their flute gives them that well-known thrill from every note and vibration to their fingertips.  For us, the workshop has to be a place that makes everyone feel really good about music.  We try to make a visit with us an experience to remember.  Our mission is to foster passion in our youngest customers, coaching them along so they can reach their potential, whether their playing is for vocation or sheer pleasure.  We give kids every reason to find the flute absolutely irresistible and develop a lifetime love of playing.”

Question: What strategies have created sales opportunities for you?

“Our strategy for helping others choose the musical instrument which is right for them is simple:  listen to the needs of the player, help them discern what attributes of each model may work best for them, pay attention to presentation, and finally, let people enjoy the process of choosing their instruments.” 

Question: What is your outlook on the future of music in the Philadelphia area? 

“Philadelphia is such a lively city.  Some even refer to it as one of the best-kept secrets in the country.   The Avenue of the Arts has so much going on.  The lights, the energy, the nighttime magic with theatre, jazz, drama, and instrumental music from all genres; and not to forget world-renowned fine art and dance too. “

“One of our favorite examples of the interdisciplinary nature of the arts in Philadelphia is when a music group such as the Opera Company sets off a theme that carries over to an exhibit at the Art Museum and then we see the theme again at the airport and in the parks.  It just makes it so exciting to check out the culture of this very special city.  Music is an important part of our history and is hardly an ornament of our culture.  Music and live art is what makes Philadelphia so great and is quite inseparable.”

Windworks Studio of Philadelphia joined the Powell family of dealers earlier this year and carries the full line of flutes and piccolos from Sonaré to Handmade Custom. 

“Our workshop is honored to be part of the Powell Family and in continuing the Powell tradition of commitment to excellence.”